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CMS Requirements

New CMS rules around preparedness will impact certain partners this year.  To this, the WWPHRC and the NWWIHCC have partnered to develop a work plan to assist these partners around the new requirements.  Our main focus will be on home health agencies, end stage renal facilities, long term care facilities and community health centers.


Rather than creating duplicate toolkits, we will point to our partners website for these resources, as they become available;  Once at this site, choose 'Resources'.  Once there, look under 'Helpful Documents'.

NEW!! - State of Wisconsin CMS Toolkit Resources.  Click here to be directed to these helpful tools and templates.

LTCF, HHA and Hospice CMS Emergency Preparedness Training 2017
A joint training provided by the WWPHRC and the Northwest Wisconsin Healthcare Coalition
CMS Overview for HHA 2017.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [1.9 MB]

RECOMMENDED SITE - Central/West Central Minnesota Healthcare Coalition Website.  This site provides plan templates and other tools for LTCF and HHA as it relates to the new CMS ruling.  Click here to be directed to this site.

Backyard Poultry Safety


The biosecurity of backyard poultry is becoming more important and relevant than ever.  The US Department of Agriculture has created some great resources to help.  Click here to be directed to the USDA website on backyard poultry safety.

Budget Period 5 Work Plans

BP1 High Level Work Plan 070517
WWPHRC BP1 High Level Workplan[...]
Microsoft Word document [20.7 KB]

 Dashboard Update. See quarter 3 update on activities related to planning. 

Budget Period 5 WWPHRC List of Achievements
BP5 2016 List of Achievements 090117.doc[...]
Microsoft Word document [50.0 KB]
2016-17 WWPHRC Workplan FINAL Status Report 062717
Final Status of BP5 Work Plan initiatives for the Western Wisconsin Public Health Readiness Consortium
Microsoft Word document [48.3 KB]
WWPHRC Combined Workplan Status Report 0404174 (Dashboard View)
WWPHRC Workplan Status Report 040417.doc[...]
Microsoft Word document [47.6 KB]
WWPHRC Combined Work Plan Status Report 020117
This document is a current reflection of all four consortium workplans in one document. The four workplans have been consolidated into one document, and inputted into the Performance Management System for your convenience. Look for further updates in this location. Always reference the version date to make sure you are using the most current information.
WWPHRC WorkPlan StatusReport 020117.docx
Microsoft Word document [52.1 KB]
WWPHRC Plan of Work Budget Period 5 - UPDATED ON 112916
Microsoft Word document [23.4 KB]
Medical Surge (MS) Workplan BP5 - UPDATED ON 112916
MS WORKPLAN 112916.docx
Microsoft Word document [18.2 KB]
Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI) Workplan BP5 - UPDATED ON 112916
NPI WORKPLAN 112916.docx
Microsoft Word document [17.0 KB]
Volunteer Management (VM) Workplan BP5 - UPDATED 112916
UPDATED 112916
VM WORKPLAN 112916.docx
Microsoft Word document [17.9 KB]

The main benefit of consortium membership is standardized, consistent, alignment of emergency response plans.  This allows members to respond, provide support, and rely on each other in any situation with minimal delay in response.  Plan updates/revisions are managed by the consortium director and communicated out to members for adopting/localizing.

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School Reunification Plan

Emergency Management Program Overview Fa[...]
Microsoft Word document [72.2 KB]
Brooklyn Park Family Reunification Cente[...]
Microsoft Word document [18.4 KB]
Family Reunification Plan Version 2.docx
Microsoft Word document [254.4 KB]
Family Reunification Release Form 040715[...]
Microsoft Word document [1.7 MB]
Family Reunification Staff Check In Chec[...]
Microsoft Word document [1.7 MB]
pub File [155.5 KB]
ICS 205B (Modified) Portable Radio Log.d[...]
Microsoft Word document [1.7 MB]
ICS 211A (Modified) Staff Check In.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.7 MB]
Microsoft Word document [77.5 KB]
Reunification Guide for Parents 5.7.15.d[...]
Microsoft Word document [2.4 MB]
Reunification Guide for Staff 5.7.15.doc[...]
Microsoft Word document [2.4 MB]
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At Risk Population

Communication Tools



Food Safety

Legal Resources



Medical Resources

Pandemic Influenza

Personal Pertective Equipment and Respiratory Protection Program

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates any agency who requires their staff to wear a respirator to have a written respiratory program including annual fit-testing, education and medical screenings. To learn more about OSHA requirements visit their website at


Prepardness Resources

Public Health Information Systems

Strategic National Stockpile

Tracking is a web portal created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this site acts as a portal for residents in the U.S. and worldwide to obtain information from all U.S. federal agencies involved in a public health emergency, a medical disaster or the public health aspects of a natural or man-made disaster

Under the Weather Campaign Posters

Adultundertheweatherposter updated.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [236.4 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [194.4 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [782.4 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [96.8 KB]


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